Our Jyoti Smith Academy Is Not For The Faint Hearted. It Is A Journey Of Self Exploration, Self Discovery And Self Mastery.
Designed To Share Our Knowledge, Wisdom And Experiences With You As Guidance. That Will Not Only Aid In Your Own Personal Development Path, Strip Away The Conditionings Laid Upon You And Enlighten You To Your Ascension/Evolution Path But Also Has The Capability To Offer You The Opportunity To Transform Your Journey Into A Specialised Career Path Too.

Our Mission:

Our Mission Is To Provide Every Living Soul With The Opportunity To Soar To Great New Heights Within Their Self. Empowering Them With Great Insight, Knowledge And Experiences. Aiding In Our Ascension / Evolution As Human Beings. Stripping Away The Conditionings Of Others To Reveal Ones True State Of Being With Unconditional Love, Light And Gratitude. Our Motto Is “Not Normal Is Our Normal” Enabling Us To Embrace Our Natural Way Of Being With Grace. While Empowering Us To Accept Others With Unconditional Love, Light And Gratitude.

Exchange Rates:

For Some Our Journeys Are Provided As In-House Training. Thus Ensuring The Running Of Our Establishment With Ease. While Others Are Required To Adhere To Our Exchange Rates. Which Can Be Paid In Full At Time Of Sign Up Or Are Available On Payment Plan. Please Ask For More Details


So Lets Move Onwards n Upwards To Find Out More About The Collective Consciousness System Reboot, Whats Involved, How To Get Started, What Courses Are Available And Whats On Offer Within Each Course By Clicking On The Image Below. Passing Through The Portal / Gateway With An Open Mind. Preparing Your Self To Embark Upon A Journey Or Journeys Like No Other.