This part is still a work in progress at the moment. As things continue to evolve with each passing days n months. However, when Michael moved in with Dhyan n Mark at the end of in 2020 they needed to put Dhyan’s salon equipment into storage to make room for Michael moving in. So, they decided to get a shed for the garden. Initially back then they had the thought process of co-creating their “Jyoti Smith Sanctuary” out there. Giving Dhyan a place of her own to continue doing what she loved.
However it soon became apparent that this wasnt going to be the case!

The Shed Creation: 11th Nov – 31st May 2021

Once it was built and all of Dhyan’s salon equipment was inside they realised that there was a lot to do to make this a suitable place for Dhyan to continue doing what she loved including: reinforcing the floor, insulating the walls, installing electric n lighting, making it water n wind tight by installing wet walls and installing water! Which of course they were unable to do at this time. So it literally became a place of storage!

Then in August 2021 when we aquired the property below us for Michael this also meant we had acquired another two gardens!
Which gave Dhyan n Mark the idea to put the gardens together to create a massive space for them to have and enjoy as a family!
Thus now that they have finished working on the two properties they have co-creating as a solid foundation for them as a couple and as a family, they are now taking some time out to plan how they would like their garden to be.

They do plan to go to work with this by spring 2022 though starting with the shed above. They also plan to take down the fence separating their two back gardens and merge them together as one. Plus as they are getting older and not so fit they intend to make their garden as low maintenance as physically possible. They are even thinking of installing a summer house too!

So watch this space for more details as and when they do the work involved!
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