Our mission is to offer world class alternative consultancy followed by health, wellbeing and educational treatments in a safe and comfortable environment.

Mrs Dhyan Jyoti-Smith

Health, Wellbeing & Alternative Education Specialist

Mr Mark Jyoti-Smith

Humanistic Alcohol Addiction Counsellor Specialist

Us Back In 1990

Mark And Dhyan Met Back In 1988 And Were Engaged To Be Married By 1990.
However, Life Threw Them A Curveball Separating Them For 30 Years.
Leaving Them Both To Go On With Their Lives Separately.

ReConnecting In January 2020, ReUniting On Valentines Day, Getting ReEngaged On The Leap Year Weekend And Then Covid-19 Hit. However, They Were Determined To Be Together No Matter What, Moving In Together By The Summer And Marrying On Christmas Eve Of 2020. After All These Years Nothing Was Going To Keep Them Apart!
Not Even COVID-19!

Married 24th December 2020

Since Then We, The Twin Eagle Collective, Have Named Dhyan n Mark Jyoti-Smith “Carluke Twin Eagles” Due To The Work They Both Do On Our Behalf Together As Husband n Wife In Carluke, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. Where They Continue To Go To Work CoCreating What We Want Them To Do. Living Together In Unity With Their Community As Collective Conscious System Reboot Specialists. Where We Continue To Guide Them Accordingly To Be All That They Can Be To Fullfil Their Life Mission Together As One.

What We The Twin Eagle Collective Named Dhyan n Mark Jyoti-Smith