We at Twin Eagle Corporation recognise the diversity with us as a collective and the work that we do as individuals as well as together.
Thus, we require all members to be just and fair to all within our work and outwith our community. To respect human rights and dignity, adhere to legal requirements and obligations accordingly. All members are required to uphold the highest of standards as physically possible of professional behaviour in the principles below:

1: Accountability ~ take responsibility for ones actions at all times. Exercising honesty, integrity and diligence.
2: Autonomy ~ encourage individual autonomy in making decisions and always act in the individuals best interests.
3: Competence ~ to always work to their highest level within their knowledge, wisdom and experience.
4: Confidentiality ~ respect the privacy of individuals and not share any data collected from individuals you work with.
5: Duty Of Care ~ always to act for the higher good of all concerned at all times. Ensuring the safety of all while in our care.
6: Equality ~ must actively promote equality and diversity working towards the removal of barriers to personal achievement.
7: Trustworthiness ~ must act in accordance in which trust has been granted and honour agreements and promises.
8: Continuous Personal Development ~ must maintain their professional competence, knowledge and skills through CPD.
9: Impartiality ~ must ensure that professional judement is objective at all times and takes precedence over any external factors.
10: Accessibility ~ must promote access to personal development activities and services in a range of ways and ensure inclusion.