Our Divination Experience Is Where We Take You On A Journey With The Divine. Offering A Wide Range Of Speciality Services For You To Explore, Discover And Experience. Coming From The Universal Faith Perspective Where Your Belief Systems Are Welcomed No Matter What They May Be. As Humans We Have Forgotten What Is Like To Be Seen As Divine Beings. However, Our Divination Experience Empowers You To Be At One With The Divine Throughout Your Life In Any Way You Wish And At Any Given Moment With Unconditional Love.

Speciality Services Available:

How Do I Choose?

With so much there to choose from let’s delve in deeper to see what each speciality service is in more detail to help you decide what it is you seek….

From time to time we all seek spiritual guidance. Some go to church and pray, some go to see their religious leader (priest, priestess, minister, reverend, rabbi etc) and some seek a seer, a visionary, a spirit medium, a tarot reader, or a shaman. All of which are individuals who can provide spiritual guidance in different formations. Our divinity readings are performed by Dhyan using our own divinity tool creations that are in the form of cards like a tarot deck but with a twist. They provide guidance bringing to light what is occurring within and outwith you and information on how to heal the aspects that are having an impact on your life. Can be performed through video call or as a face-to-face appointment in our jyoti smith nest. You can choose from the five decks as follows:

Twin Eagle Vibration Divinity Tool: Self Guidance
Shaman Power Divinity Tool: Shadow Self Guidance
Twinflame Divinity Tool: Relationship Guidance
Family Ties Divinity Tool: Family Guidance
CCSR Divinity Tool: Collective Of All Of The Above Mentioned

Our twinflame union is where you and your beloved partner have chosen to come together as one and to live with each other as a married couple. This can be performed before, during or after your legal matrimony ceremony as a binding of your inner flames and your vows to one another for eternity. Where we use a ribbon of your choice or help you create your own handfastening ribbon/cord for the handfastening to take place and intertwined with what you and your beloved have promised one another with unconditional love. A powerful declaration of undying love.

Our naming ritual is for anyone who is going through the transition of being or changing their name. Where we come together to celebrate the new life that has entered our life/lives with loved ones. This particular speciality service isn’t just for naming your new born baby but for any age. After all who is to say who we call ourself right? A beautiful speciality service to welcome the new, the reborn, and the birthed with unconditional love.

Our celebration of life ritual is where we passover a loved one to the angels above. It is a funeral with a twist, where Dhyan will share the stories of your loved one’s life with others as we come together to celebrate their life while they were with us. It is more than a remembrance service, it is a time of gratitude and appreciation. Empowering the family to remember their beloved ones in the way they want to with unconditional love. A beautifully sensitive approach to the loss of a loved one to enable the family to grieve with love, empathy and compassion rather than sadness, pain and suffering. Transforming grief into a state of peace within and outwith.

Our purification ritual is a baptism ceremony with a twist. Where we immerse you in water to symbolise the cleansing away of ones sins, bring you back with the divine through symbolising you coming out of the water as a rebirthing. Empowering you to bring forth renewed joy, purpose and peace in your life with unconditional love. Bringing you blessings of abundance from your benevolent self and the collective consciousness as a whole.

Our absolution ritual is for those who seek to confess any wrong doings they think or feel they have performed, whether they have or not. It is a safe space for you to sit n chat with us over a cuppa in our jyoti smith nest. A place for you to just get things off your mind n chest knowing it is in total confidence. Empowering you to release, let go of what no longer serves you and draw in forgiveness for thy self with unconditional love.

Our rites of passage ritual is for those who have decided to go forth in doing the divine’s work as a Priest / Priestess.
It is an ordination ceremony to share with loved ones, friends and family of your chosen path, receiving your chosen title accordingly. Being presented with your starter kit to go out and spread the word of universal faith with unconditional love.

How Do I Reserve My Appointment?

To reserve your divination experience please contact us here.
We aim to respond to you within 24hrs. Please note there is a non-refundable deposit required at time of reservation.