Our Health & Wellbeing Membership Enables You To Receive From Us On A Regular Basis Throughout The Months To Come.
We Have Three Packages To Choose From Including The Following:

Silver Package: £25 per month
This entitles you to 2 x Nu Year Nu You Pamper Packages per year.
Package Includes:

> CCSR Divinity Reading
> Natural Uniqueness Manicure
> Natural Uniqueness Pedicure
> Natural Uniqueness Facial
> Full Body Massage
> Energy Healing Session

Gold Package: £50 per month
This entitles you to one of the following treats per month:

>Natural Uniqueness Deluxe Facial
>Natural Uniqueness Deluxe Manicure
>Natural Uniqueness Deluxe Pedicure

>Full Body Massage
>Shaman Power Massage
>Twinflame Massage

>90mins Consultation Healing Treat
>90mins Energy Healing Treat Of Choice
>Divinity Reading Of Your Choice

Platinum Package: £100 per month
This entitles you to a weekly treat of your choice from the following:

>Natural Uniqueness Facial
>Natural Uniqueness Manicure
>Natural Uniqueness Pedicure

>Divinity Reading Of Your Choice
>60mins Energy Healing Treat
>Au Natural Cut n Style

>Back, Neck n Shoulder Massage
>Indian Head Massage
>Reflexology Treat