Our House Of Faith Is Where We Self Explore n Self Discover Our Belief Systems.
You Are Welcome Regardless Of Your Religious Practices.
After All We Are All Children Of Universal Faith.

Dhyan Jyoti-Smith Ordained With Universal Life Church After Many Years Self Exploring Various Belief Systems. Accepting All Accordingly While Realising That Fundamentally Every Belief System Comes From An Innate Faith That Lays Within Each Individual. Which In Turn Draws Us To Others Of A Similar Belief And/Or Religious Practices. Hence Places Of Worship Were Set Up Across The Globe.

However, As Much As Dhyan Is Ordained She Refrains From Being Attached To Any Particular Dominion. Instead, Becoming A Priestess Of Universal Faith. Where She Is Accepting Of All Belief Systems No Matter The Religious Practices You May Have. Thus Inviting Each Into Our House Of Faith Full Of Universal Unconditional Love, Light & Gratitude. Enabling Us To Learn From One Another And Become Empowered To Live In Unity Globally, Eradicating Spiritual Wars for Good.

Our TEC BIBLE Is A Compilation Of Belief Systems Written By Dhyan Jyoti-Smith. Packed Full Of Her Findings Of What She Herself Learned About The Various Belief Systems And Religious Practices She Came Across Throughout Her Spiritual Journey. Which She Intends To Use As A Guide While Stepping Into Her Priestess Role. With The intention Of Opening Up Our Perspectives, Thought Processes And Awareness To Them All. While Inviting Her Congregation To Step Up And Share Their Own Beliefs With Us All Too. Providing You Each With The Opportunity To Be A Guest Speaker And Speak Your Truth To Help Us Understand Why You Believe What You Do At This Given Moment.

We Also Provide A Variety Of Experiences For You To Participate In. Click On The Image Below To Enter Into The Space Of Divinity.
Enabling You To Browse The Specialty Services We Have To Offer You While Empowering You To Receive A Divination Experience Of Your Choice. Try Something New, Receive The Benefits Of Your Service And Discover The Power Of The Twin Eagle Faith.