Since April 2020 Carluke Twin Eagles Went To Work On Transforming Mark’s Flat Into A Home For Them To Live In As Husband n Wife. Starting With Going To Work On Their Livingroom First. Moving Onwards To Do Each Room. For More Details Click On the Videos Below.

Livingroom Transformation: 24th April – 11th May 2020

Kitchen Transformation: 24th June – 26th June 2020

Bedroom Transformation: 24th June – 15th October 2020

Lobby And Staircase Transformation: 5th Nov 2020 – 19th June 2021

Bathroom Transformation: 29th-30th June 2021

Front Bedroom Transformation: 11th Sept – 4th Oct 2021

MJS Batcave Transformation: 25th August – 4th October 2021

And This Completes Our Jyoti Smith Foundation Journey. Sharing with you the work they have put in to lay our “Jyoti Smith Foundation” in Carluke, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. Enabling us to feel we had a place to call our own here on earth after years of struggling to settle anywhere! Clearly they needed to be together to do this.

It took Dhyan n Mark 18 months to completely redecorate two flats together, but they have done it and CoCreated a strong foundation for them as a couple and as a family. But hey, they aint done yet! No far from it! They may have taken a wee rest with christmas nearly upon them at the time but they were already planning what they were planning on doing next!!

With aquiring the flat below for Michael that meant they aslo aquired two more gardens too! An additional back garden and also a front garden to maintain! So what do you think they plan for this area of their Jyoti Smith Foundation? Well you’ll just have to go n see wont you?!?

Now Check Out Our Jyoti Smith Garden…….