Our Jyoti Smith Sanctuary Is The Place To Be For That All Important “Me Time” Where You Will Receive A Jyoti Smith Experience
To Suit Your Individual Requirements. Welcomed Into Our Space Of Unconditional Love Supported By Our Guardians And Guides.
A Completely Holistic Experience No Matter Which You Decide To Go For From The Following.
Perfect As A Gift For A Loved One Or To Treat Yourself To A Wee Pampering Session.

With Experience In The Health And Wellbeing Sector Since 2006 We Offer You A Wide Range Of Speciality Services. Enabling You To Take Time Out, Relax And Unwind From Every Day Life. It’s Not Selfish, It’s Self Preservation. It’s Loving Yourself In Every Way Possible To Maintain Optimum Health And Wellbeing. After All We Can’t Fully Give To Others If We Aren’t Giving To Ourself First.

Think Of It From This Perspective….
If Your Petrol Tank In Your Car Has A Nearly Empty Tank It Can’t Take You Very Far. Yet A Half Tank Can Take You A Lot Further Along The Road. Yet A Full Tank Will Go On For Miles Before Requiring To Refuel. Also If Your Car Runs On Petrol But You Fill It With Diesel It Ain’t Gonna Take You Anywhere Cause It Will Breakdown Instead.

Our Car Above Is Like Our Physical Body. When We Maintain It, Take Care Of It And Put All The Right Things Into Us We Can Run On For Miles Giving To Many. However, When We Refrain From Maintaining Our Self, Or Refuel With The Wrong Things Then We Too Will Breakdown. Leaving Us Feeling Dis-Ease, Agitated And Even Ill.

What Do We Have To Offer?