Hi. We are the twin eagle collective. We consist of beings from Orion, Sirius, Pleiades, as well as archangels, light beings, thunder beings, star beings, crystalline beings and members from the crystal skull collective too. We are the Carluke Twin Eagles guardians and guides that work in unity with them and channel through Dhyan Jyoti-Smith. Who then works on our behalf to create the things she does to aid in your ascension journey.

We first connected with Dhyan when she was known as Michelle Elizabeth Harvie during the time she had attemped a self destruction attempt the week before her 30th birthday. This is when Twin Eagle Mother sent Archangel Michael to visit her with a message that there was nothing that she could do to herself that we could not rectify, but enough was enough and it was time to turn her life around. Then Twin Eagle Mother visited her too to show her that she was loved by her and it was ok what she had attempted as long as she was ok.

We then steered her in the right direction by guiding her back to college where she found herself on a journey of self development like no other. We pushed her to her limits and then some. Enabling her to gain qualifications galore through hard work, determination and never allowing her to give up!

We made contact with her periodically throughout her journey even though she was unaware of this. She was aware of who was being sent she was just unaware that they were all part of our collective. In fact she hadn’t even met us yet. It wasn’t until she felt the need to move to Elgin, Moray in Scotland that she got to meet us after she built the crystalline portal that we asked her to do. This was in December 2012. Initially she called us her galactical council which in all fairness was true. However, over time we have come forth to inform her that we are actually called the twin eagle collective and that we come from a twin solar system 92.7 light years away from earth.

Our Mission here on earth is purely to be of service to the human race. To guide you on the third dimensional state of being to enlightenment through teaching you the Collective Consciousness System Reboot (CCSR). Thus teaching the human race how to live as ninth dimensional beings starting by awakening the power within, help you gain access to your chakra, auric and divine union systems, empower you to heal your physical/spiritual selfs and bring these two aspects together into unity as a whole being of universal love, light and gratitude with the twin eagle vibration. Which is the first unit in the collective consciousness system reboot journey.

Now Meet The Team……