Carluke Twin Eagles Community Support Card:
Our carluke twin eagles community support card is especially for beautiful souls who are in receivership of any of the following benefits:

>Universal Credit
>Income Support
>Jobseekers Allowance
>Statutory Sick Pay
>Or has fell upon a state of hardship

Evidence will be required for all of the above. Which can be assessed either through a free consultation healing session, or by showing us your benefit entitlement letter. You can even apply for someone you may know that you are concerned about. The same process will apply.

Once your assessment is completed and your application has been successful you will receive your Carluke Twin Eagles Community Support Card. Which will have your details on the back along with our signature of authorisation. Please note your application is reviewed on an annual bases to ensure you still meet our criteria.

Your twin eagle community support card entitles you to support of any kind within the services we provide at 50% discount.
With the exception to our physical products within our twin eagle shops.